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    Talking Memorable quotes for "Everybody Loves Raymond"

    Memorable quotes for "Everybody Loves Raymond":
    Marie Barone: What is a DVD player? Is it for pornography?
    Debra Barone: Yes, Marie, I bought Ray a porn machine!
    Marie Barone: I don't like that, Debra.
    Debra Barone: Honey, show daddy what you drew.
    Ray Barone: That's okay, I can figure it out.
    [Ally hands Ray a drawing]
    Ray Barone: Um, lets see. A big wall of red?
    Ally Barone: No.
    Debra Barone: Ally told me that was a picture of you in hell.
    Frank Barone:
    I could have eaten a box of Alpha-Bits and crapped a better interview!
    [Ray buys Deborah a sex game]
    Marie Barone: Another sex game? Didn't you have enough with that other sex game you and Robert used to play all the time when you were kids?
    Ray Barone: What?
    Marie Barone: You know, the one with all the colored dots...
    Ray Barone: TWISTER?
    Debra Barone: We got to find a way to get away from your parents.
    Ray Barone: I got the perfect solution- the witness protection program.
    Debra Barone: Ray, I'm serious.
    Ray Barone: So am I. Let see them try to find Steve and Phyllis Rosenberg in Tucson, Arizona.
    Frank Barone: What kind of an idiot would spend 80$ for a canoe ride?
    Marie Barone: Some people think a canoe ride can be romantic.
    Frank Barone: I take it, you never saw "Deliverance".
    [Ray and Marie are talking about the sculpture that Marie did that looks like a vagina]
    Ray Barone: It doesn't look bad.
    Marie Barone: It was an accident!
    Ray Barone: Well, so was penicillin. And Robert!

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    Talking Everybody Loves Raymond

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Memorable quotes for "Everybody Loves Raymond"