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    Medlem siden
    Oct 2012

    She wants it

    Hi everybody.

    I am planning a special happening for my girlfriend and might need some assistance from someone in here. To that matter, please read and act according to the following:

    - are not partners, but meet on regular basis to have some fun
    - are in the late twenties and early thirties
    - are planning to meet on monday 7th of October somewhere in / near Oslo
    - Enjoy all aspects of sex

    - does not know anything about this
    - is sub and obeys his commands
    - enjoys all kinds of sex
    - will be at your disposal during the session
    - have a code of word she may say to cancel our game if things get out of hand or if she is uncomfortable with the situation

    - responds and selects from the interested in here
    - selects place and time, and the participants baced on YOUR answer as described below
    - will tie her up and blindfold her prior to your arrival
    - might not be participating during the session, but might be taking photos and perhaps film some sequenses (of course, no facial shots will be taken)
    - will ensure her safety and comfort
    - WILL call it off if she freaks out!

    - are a straight man, NOT gay. Couples might also be of interest.
    - are NOT from the Sarpsborg region (for discretion purposes)
    - are between 25 and 35 years of age
    - understand the situation for her being unaware of the happening and all of a sudden being fucked and fondled by several men
    - will leave if she freaks out
    - will obey me / us in regards of her comfort and safety
    - are comfortable sharing a girl with other men
    - will use condoms when fucking her
    - might get to come on her face / tits
    - must send a PM in English, containing the following:
    - Gender
    - Location on Monday evening
    - Nationality
    - Physical state (athletic, overweight, etc)
    - Short description of yourself
    - Your thoughts about participating in such a session, including experience if you have some
    - Your thoughts about the situation if she / we call it off during the session (how will you react then?)

    Those of you who might be of interest will be contacted within this week.

    Thank you for responding.


  2. Takk xs2me takket for denne posten
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    Medlem siden
    Oct 2012
    No response so far?!

    I really thought there might be somebody interested in here, but apparently I was wrong..

    But I will be patient, we don't meet until Monday!


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    Medlem siden
    Sep 2008
    Sent you a PM

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    Medlem siden
    Oct 2012
    I have received a few PM's but there is still room for more! Anyone interested? A couple or two perhaps??

    Patiently waiting for more response!



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She wants it