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    Zoo Limited Docu DVDRip

    Posted on 27.09.2007 at 14:42 in , s by S

    I woke up this morning and found a film titled ‘Zoo’ had been released by group SAPHiRE. After delving a little deeper into the films subject matter i found it was about about a bunch of secretive ‘zoophiles’ that used to record themselves having sex with stallions. The film follows the life of one of these men, a Mr. Kenneth Pinyan who died at the age of 45 from a perforated colon. This incident lead police to find the video recordings, after which the media found out and the rest is history. This Documentary tries to take an ‘understanding view of something almost impossible to understand’ as one viewer put it. Release is in DVDRiP form so quality is top notch download, if your in the mood for a heavy documentary about what some of your fellow man get up to when the barn door closes…

    Note: I know this is controversial topic but the movie has been released by the scene so we cover it. Also if you are not mature enough to leave a comment that actually involves some brain power then please don’t.

    Plot: Seattle-based filmmaker Robinson Devor blurs the line between documentary and narrative storytelling with an expressionistic rendering of the 2005 news story that shocked the world. Kenneth Pinyan was a forty-five year-old Boeing engineer who, shortly after being anonymously dropped at a Washington state hospital in July of 2005, died of a perforated colon. When the subsequent police investigation led authorities to a nearby farm, the discovery of a videotape featuring the recently deceased and other participants engaging in sexual relations with a variety of horses made headlines across the nation. In the aftermath, it was revealed that zoophiles were much more common that most folks would have surmised.

    Now, through detailed interviews with self-admitted zoophiles and tasteful dramatic reenactments, director Devor and cinematographer Sean Kirby draw viewers into a secretive world populated by animal lovers who see their unconventional desires as completely natural. These are your friends and neighbors: from the small-town Virginia Baptist to the good-natured truck stop proprietor and the blue-collar maintenance worker, the growing number of people who willingly participate in inner-species intimacy may surprise you.

    Genre: Documentary / Drama
    Ratings: IMDB: 6.1/10 (276 votes), RT: 55% (42 Reviews)
    Directed by: Robinson Devor
    Starring: John Paulsen & Ken Kreps

    Release Name: Zoo.LIMITED.DOCU.DVDRip.XviD-SAPHiRE
    Size: 1 CD, 700.14 MB
    Quality: DVDRiP, XViD, 624×352, 1125 kbps, 23.976 FPS | MP3, 156 kbps stereo
    Runtime: 1:15:51
    Filename: sph-zoo

    Links: IMDB , RT, Homepage, Trailer
    Samples: Not needed, its a DVDRiP!
    NFO: Here
    Torrent: Nei du

    Extras: -> Snippets fra TheForum

    And here is the colon perforation firsthand…

    Not safe for work!

    Or anywhere else really!

    You have been warned!

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    Dyreporno dokumentar...?

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    Sitat Opprinnelig skrevet av kneesox
    Dyreporno dokumentar...?

    Sitat Opprinnelig skrevet av Lilith
    Note: I know this is controversial topic but the movie has been released by the scene so we cover it. Also if you are not mature enough to leave a comment that actually involves some brain power then please don’t.


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Zoo Limited Docu DVDRip