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    Dec 2005

    Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975)

    Director: Henry Paris

    * Constance Money [Facial Creampie]
    * Crystal Sync [BJOnly]
    * Cynthia Gardner
    * Gloria Leonard
    * Helene Simone
    * Jacqueline Beudant
    * Jenny Baxter (as Janet Baldwin) [BJOnly]
    * Marlene Willoughby (as Marlene Parker) [BJOnly]
    * Mary Stuart [MastOnly]
    * Nancy Dare [MastOnly]
    * Terri Hall
    * Tia von Davis [LezOnly]

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. brun, guy
    * Scene 2. Constance Money, guy
    * Scene 3. girl, Terry Austin
    * Scene 4. Jacqueline Beudant, Michael Gaunt
    * Scene 5. Jenny Baxter, David Williams
    * Scene 6. girl, Jacqueline Beudant, guy
    * Scene 7. Constance Money, guy
    * Scene 8. Constance Money, Tia von Davis
    * Scene 9. Jacqueline Beudant, Michael Ronds
    * Scene 10. Constance Money, Ian Morley
    * Scene 11. Crystal Sync, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 12. Constance Money, guy
    * Scene 13. brun, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 14. brun, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 15. Jacqueline Beudant, Terri Hall
    * Scene 16. Terri Hall, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 17. Constance Money, Casey Donovan
    * Scene 18. brun, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 19. Nancy Dare
    * Scene 20. Crystal Sync, Jacqueline Beudant
    * Scene 21. Constance Money, Michael Ronds, guy, Peter Andrews
    * Scene 22. Constance Money, Gloria Leonard, Ras Kean
    * Scene 23. 3 girls, Jacqueline Beudant, guy, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 24. Mary Stuart
    * Scene 25. Marlene Willoughby, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 26. Constance Money, Jamie Gillis
    * Scene 27. girl, guy

    If there is one adult motion picture that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest, it is this Henry Paris' classic. Like 'My Fair Lady' with a sexual twist, the film features Constance Money, as a sleazy, slutty Paris streetwalker named Misty Beethoven. Misty's life does an about face when she meets Dr. Seymour Love (Jamie Gillis), a jet-setting sex researcher who makes a wager with an old friend that he can transform Misty into a sophisticated, sultry socialite. His goal: to have Misty become the next 'Goldenrod Girl' for skin publisher Lawrence Lehman. Her intensive sexual education soon brings out the real woman within Misty, and she becomes the apple of Lehman's eye. Having reached the pinnacle, Misty is unfulfilled only in her yearning for Seymour. But when she overhears him bragging of his success and mocking her, Misty decides to take matters into her own hands.

    DVD-rip, Video = 890 mb, XviD, 688 x 524, dur. 1:27
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Opening of Misty Beethoven-FRONT.jpg   Opening of Misty Beethoven-BACK.jpg   Opening of Misty Beethoven.jpg  

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    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Penetrator (1991)

    Director: Orgie Georgie

    * Anastasia
    * Angela Summers
    * Brigitte Aime [Anal DP]
    * Flame
    * Nikki Wilde
    * Traci Winn
    * Trixie Tyler

    * Scene 1. Trixie Tyler, Woody Long
    * Scene 2. Angela Summers, Brigitte Aime
    * Scene 3. Brigitte Aime, Marc Wallice, Woody Long
    * Scene 4. Anastasia, Flame, Nikki Wilde, Traci Winn, Trixie Tyler, Biff Malibu, Ron Jeremy, Sebastian
    * Scene 5. Angela Summers, Woody Long

    Description: When mankind rises from the ashes of the nuclear fire, the struggle to overcome the tyranny of the machine and regenerate the human race will rage for decades. But, the final battle will be fought here. In our present! Tonight!

    Video = 685 mb, DivX 3, 720 x 480, dur. 1:26
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Penetrator-FRONT.jpg   Penetrator-BACK.jpg   Penetrator.jpg  

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  5. #1278
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Penetrator 2 - Grudge Day (1995)

    Director: Nic Cramer

    * Blake Mitchell [NonSex]
    * Harlee James [NonSex]
    * Kaitlyn Ashley
    * Kim Kitaine
    * Lovette [Anal Facial Bald]
    * Melissa Hill [Facial]
    * Selena [Facial]
    * Sid Deuce [Facial]

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Selena, Jonathan Morgan
    * Scene 2. Sid Deuce, Alberto Rey
    * Scene 3. Melissa Hill
    * Scene 4. Kaitlyn Ashley, Christopher Sharp, Tom Byron
    * Scene 5. Kaitlyn Ashley
    * Scene 6. Kim Kitaine, Alberto Rey
    * Scene 7. Lovette, Melissa Hill
    * Scene 8. Lovette, Dick Nasty, Jay Ashley
    * Scene 9. Melissa Hill, Jonathan Morgan
    * Scene 10. Kaitlyn Ashley, Alberto Rey
    * Scene 11. Melissa Hill, Alberto Rey
    * Scene 12. Kaitlyn Ashley, Jonathan Morgan

    The future of the free world is at stake when the Penetrator, must jump back in time to protect Melissa against an evil and advanced cyborg. It's machine against machine, as the cyborg from the future, tracks his human prey in the present day, bent on impregnating her in order to alter the fate of mankind.

    DVD-Rip, Video = 878 mb, XviD, 712 x 528, dur. 1:21
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Penetrator 2-FRONT.jpg   Penetrator 2-BACK.jpg   Penetrator 2.jpg  

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  7. #1279
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Les Clientes (1983)

    Aka. Girls Girls Girls Teil 2, Mädchen Mädchen Mädchen Teil 2

    Director: Alan Vydra and Gérard Kikoïne

    * Cathy Stewart plays Cathy
    * Doucheka
    * Elisabeth Buré plays the intermediary (l'entremetteuse)
    * Julia Perrin plays the shoplifter (la voleuse)
    * Marilyn Jess plays Mme Lumière

    French porn comedy about two charming Americans in Paris who desperately try to earn some money for their journey home. Their odyssey starts in a casting agency where they pretend to be filmproducers from Hollywood looking for fresh faces from the modeling world. One of the gathered girls performs a handstand. With her legs spread widely she takes a cigar into her pussy in front of the astonished audience. The owner then has some (faked) sex with a blonde girl in his office as Joey Silvera fucks an oriental looking girl on a sofa.
    Elisabeth Buré runs an antique shop which offers a very special service for the female customers. During the job interview the canditates must drop down their pants to have their genitals examined.
    Cathy Stewart can hardly wait to test them. Joey takes her missionary before they move to cowgirl style with her stroking him off on her belly.
    Meanwhile Dominique Aveline catches delicious Julia Perrin stealing. Taking advantage of the situation the bad guy starts undressing and touching her perfect body. Totally naked, the shy girl kneels down for some oral pleasure. Next she saddles up for a cowgirl ride before he takes her doggy style and splatters her back with his cum.
    The next client is already waiting. Doucheka lifts up her dress to reveal her beautiful legs and pussy. Joey then carries her over to an armchair. After some pussy licking they move to various positions and in the end he pumps huge streams of jizz across her firm ass cheeks.
    Marilyn Jess picks up the guys on her motor bike and brings them to a manor-house. Their arrival is watched by the masturbating house maid. Marilyn, Joey and Eric have a threesome as Richard Lemieuvre bangs the maid. Finally Marilyn takes a weak cumshot between her breasts.
    Richard then rings up another guy who is occupied with a beautiful blonde. After banging her she jerks him off on her face and breasts.
    The guys have got no further when they are accosted by a mature dark-haired woman near the Moulin Rouge. She leads them to a sexshop where they go down into the cellar. She lays down on an old wooden desk which Joey covers with an old dirty tablecloth. Then he guides his cock into her pussy until a small load covers her pubic hair. Still horny she damands more cocks. Joey collects more and more guys from the street until the cellar is really crowded. Jacques Marbeuf is the next one who covers her with a load followed by a younger guy who's accompanied by his mother. The actors and the audience have to pay an entrance fee. Pjotr Stanislav and another guy then finish the scene.

    Video = 807 mb, XviD, 704 x 464, dur. 1:00, audio = french
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Les Clientes-FRONT.jpg   Les Clientes-BACK.jpg   Les Clientes.jpg  

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    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    American Desire (1981)

    Director: Lasse Braun

    * Lysa Thatcher (as Lisa Adams) [Facial]
    * Mai Lin
    * Mistress Candice [NonSex]
    * Veronica Hart [Anal Facial]

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Mai Lin, Jack Teague
    * Scene 2. Mistress Candice, R. Bolla
    * Scene 3. Mai Lin, George Payne
    * Scene 4. Lysa Thatcher, R. Bolla
    * Scene 5. Veronica Hart, Roy Stuart
    * Scene 6. Veronica Hart, David Ruby
    * Scene 7. Veronica Hart, David Ruby, Roy Stuart
    * Scene 8. Veronica Hart, R. Bolla
    * Scene 9. Lysa Thatcher, Veronica Hart, R. Bolla

    From legendary porn director Lasse Braun comes this explosive look at suburban lust and desire. Statuesque stunner Veronica Hart and Robert Bolla star as a couple who find that the spark has gone out of their marriage. They decide to try and perk things up by taking separate vacations -- and by taking new lovers while on those vacations! Veronica goes back to her father's house, where she's astounded to find him engaged in a feverish frolic with Asian strumpet Mai Lin. Her world gets turned upside down when she visits her grandfather's old house. Veronica is confronted by the swarthy owner of the home, and he forces himself on her in a scene of pure sexual frission. This erotic experience changes Veronica's life forever, and she finds herself turning into the wanton sex goddess that she's always yearned to be. Meanwhile, Robert is back at home, romping with masochistic hooker Lysa Thatcher in a heated hayloft humdinger. In the end, Veronica and Robert are reunited and find that their separate experiences have brought them closer together than ever before. Shot on location in New England, this is an exceedingly well-made and well-acted feature. Veronica Hart turns in one of her all-time classic performances, perfectly capturing the hunger and allure of her character. 'American Desire' is without a doubt one of the true classics of 80s porn.

    Video = 682 mb, DivX 5, 352 x 240, dur. 1:19
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails American Desire-FRONT.jpg   American Desire-BACK.jpg   American Desire.jpg  

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    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Alice In Wonderland (1976)

    Director: Bud Townsend

    * Angel Barrett
    * Astrid Hayase
    * Kristin Steen (as Chris Steen)
    * Gila Havana [NonSex]
    * Juliet Graham [LezOnly]
    * Kristine DeBell [Facial]
    * Melvina Peoples [NonSex]
    * Nancy Dare (as Nancy Dore)
    * Bree Anthony (as Sue Tsengoles)
    * Terri Hall (as Terry Hall)

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Kristine DeBell
    * Scene 2. Kristine DeBell, Alan Novak
    * Scene 3. Nancy Dare, Terri Hall
    * Scene 4. Bree Anthony, Tony Richards
    * Scene 5. Gila Havana, Bruce Finklesteen
    * Scene 6. Astrid Hayase, Kristin Steen, Nancy Dare, Bree Anthony, Terri Hall, Bruce Finklesteen, Ed Marshall, John Lawrence, Tony Richards
    * Scene 7. Kristine DeBell, Nancy Dare, Terri Hall
    * Scene 8. Juliet Graham, Kristine DeBell
    * Scene 9. Nancy Dare, Terri Hall
    * Scene 10. Kristine DeBell, Ron Nelson

    "Alice in Wonderland", the first adult musical, has broken new ground. Playboy covergirl, Kristine DeBell, considered by many to be the most beautiful girl in the world, can now be seen cavorting erotically with all the Lewis Carrol characters. There has never been an erotic film that can come close to the production value of "Alice in Wonderland". It is a milestone in cinematic history, and is most certainly a true collector’s item.

    Video = 716 mb, XviD, 624 x 336, dur. 1:18
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Alice In Wonderland-FRONT.jpg   Alice In Wonderland-BACK.jpg   Alice In Wonderland.jpg  

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    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Fiona Cooper - Nicola Richardson as Chloe

    Video = 455 mb, DivX 5, 720 x 544, dur. 1:03
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 00-02-11.jpg   00-04-22.jpg   00-06-33.jpg  

    00-08-44.jpg   00-10-55.jpg   00-13-06.jpg  

    00-15-17.jpg   00-17-28.jpg   00-19-39.jpg  

    00-21-50.jpg   00-24-01.jpg   00-26-12.jpg  

    00-28-23.jpg   00-30-34.jpg   00-32-45.jpg  

    00-34-57.jpg   00-37-08.jpg   00-39-19.jpg  

    00-41-30.jpg   00-43-41.jpg   00-45-52.jpg  

    00-48-03.jpg   00-50-14.jpg   00-52-25.jpg  

    00-54-36.jpg   00-56-47.jpg   00-58-58.jpg  


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    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Alexandra (1983)

    Director: Robert Freeman

    * Rachel Ashley (as Ashley Summers)
    * Eve Sternberg
    * Joanna Storm
    * Laurien Wilde
    * Sharon Kane
    * Veronica Hart

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Joanna Storm, Steve Douglas
    * Scene 2. Joanna Storm, Steve Douglas
    * Scene 3. Rachel Ashley, Michael Gaunt
    * Scene 4. Rachel Ashley, Eric Edwards
    * Scene 5. Rachel Ashley, Sharon Kane, Michael Gaunt
    * Scene 6. Laurien Wilde, Ashley Moore
    * Scene 7. Laurien Wilde, R. Bolla
    * Scene 8. brun, Eve Sternberg, Don Fernando

    The gorgeous Eve Sternberg makes her one and only screen appearance in this Hustler Highest Rated title that wowed the critics! One of the original couples movies.

    Video = 456 mb, XviD, 512 x 396, dur. 1:32
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Alexandra-FRONT.jpg   Alexandra-BACK.jpg   Alexandra.jpg  

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    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Angels in Flight (1995)

    Director: Harold Lime, Jane Waters

    * Christi Lake [Facial Bald]
    * Houston [Facial]
    * Keisha [LezOnly]
    * Rebecca Lord [Facial]

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Christi Lake, TT Boy
    * Scene 2. Rebecca Lord, Jon Dough
    * Scene 3. Houston, Alec Metro
    * Scene 4. Keisha, Rebecca Lord
    * Scene 5. Christi Lake, Houston, Vince Vouyer

    Getaway Airlines is inaugurating a new forty minute flight, San Francisco to San Jose, and a brand new airplane - but the passengers and crew have other things on their mind - like SEX, SEX and more SEX!Find out the real story of why the flight is 10 hours overdue.

    Video = 728 mb, XviD, 596 x 456, dur. 1:15
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Angels in Flight-FRONT.jpg   Angels in Flight-BACK.jpg   Angels in Flight.jpg  

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    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Le Più belle del troiame (Hungary - 1998)

    Director: Kovi

    * Alice [2] as Claudia, Evelyn or Pat
    * Anita Blond
    * Anita Dark
    * Anna [2] as Ani
    * Edina Blonde as Claudia, Evelyn or Pat
    * Petra Hermanova as Claudia, Evelyn or Pat
    * Susanna Farcach uncredited, non-sex

    1. Anita Blond, Anita Dark and one guy [lesbian, bj, vaginal, facial for Anita Dark]
    2. Alice [2], Anna [2] and Reinhard [lesbian, bj, vaginal, anal and facial for Anna]
    3. Petra Hermanova, Frank Gun and Zenza Raggi [bj, vaginal, anal, dp, facial]
    4. Edina Blonde and Reinhard [bj, vaginal, anal, facial]
    5. Anita Dark and Frank Gun [bj, vaginal, facial]
    6. Anita Blond and Zenza Raggi [bj, vaginal, facial]

    Video = 714 mb, DivX 5, 512 x 384, dur. 1:30, audio = italian
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Le Piu belle del troiame-COVER.jpg   Le Piu belle del troiame.jpg  

  14. #1286
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Adorable Lola (1981)

    Aka. Journal intime d'une jeune fille en chaleur

    Director: Gérard Kikoïne

    * Elodie Delage uncredited
    * Laurence Boutin woman on train
    * Marilyn Jess plays Claire
    * Mika Barthel Marilyn Jess's mentor

    Marilyn Jess is a high class call girl and remembers how she became one as she prepares for her next client. A country girl, she learned her skills from an older woman (Mika Barthel with some assistance from a masked woman and Pjotr Stanislas, Gabriel Pontello and Gil Lagardère. Several of the practical lessons are shown, including a scene in a small plane with Gabriel Pontello.
    There are also sex scenes for a brunette on a train (XNK0005) with Pjotr Stanislas, who strips out of a priest's outfit and seduces her by licking his own penis while curled up on the opposite seat, and an auburn-haired woman by a car (Elodie Delage) and the same woman in a horse-box (with André Kay and observed by the Marilyn Jess character, Claire).

    Video = 651 mb, 640 x 480, dur. 1:20
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Adorable Lola-COVER.jpg   Adorable Lola.jpg  

  15. #1287
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Les Culottes de Charlotte (1982)

    Director: J. Helbie

    * Cathy Ménard as Kathy Menard, plays Isabelle St Preux
    * Claire Lenoir plays Charlotte
    * Dominique Saint Claire as Dominique Sinclair, plays Jessica, a call girl
    * Laura Clair as Laura Claire, plays Louisette, the maid
    * Marianne Aubert as Patricia Violet, plays Madamoiselle Favel, a piano teacher

    Very fond of worn panties, Emile Dussac uses his influence as an old deputy, inspiring fear and respect, to trap the husband of a young and pretty woman he lusts after.
    His own daughter, Charlotte (Claire Lenoir), will pay the price for this Machiavellian action…

    Video = 1432 mb, XviD, 720 x 560, dur. 1:10
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Les Culottes de Charlotte-COVER.jpg   Les Culottes de Charlotte.jpg  

  16. #1288
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    Adultress (1987)

    Director: Henri Pachard

    * Alexa Parks
    * Blondi
    * Jamie Summers
    * Keisha
    * Krista Lane
    * Sheri St. Clair

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Krista Lane, Buck Adams
    * Scene 2. Krista Lane, Hershel Savage
    * Scene 3. Alexa Parks, Krista Lane
    * Scene 4. Keisha, Sheri St. Clair, Buck Adams
    * Scene 5. Alexa Parks, Scott Irish
    * Scene 6. Blondi, Tony Montana
    * Scene 7. Alexa Parks, Blake Palmer
    * Scene 8. Alexa Parks, Buck Adams, Hershel Savage
    * Scene 9. Jamie Summers, Hershel Savage

    Alicia (Krista Lane) is a very bored and very rich housewife who loves seedy motels and insatiable studs who make hot, sweaty love to her for hours on end. One day she and her lover Hart (Buck Adams) dream up a deliciously nasty scheme to force a divorce from her straight-laced husband (Herschel Savage). They decide to enlist the services of a totally depraved slut to put hubby in a compromising position. Now the sex-fun begins as they interview passion are relentless until juicy Jamie Summers is chosen to do the deed. She’s known in the profession as the Adultress…and you can be sure she always gets her man.

    Video = 792 mb, XviD, 560 x 400, dur. 1:11
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Adultress-FRONT.jpg   Adultress-BACK.jpg   Adultress.jpg  

  17. #1289
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    1001 Erotic Nights (1982)

    Director: Stephen Lucas

    * Annette Haven
    * Heather Fields [LezOnly]
    * Jade Wong [LezOnly]
    * Kiyo [NonSex]
    * Laura Lazare [Facial]
    * Lisa De Leeuw (as Lisa DeLeeuw) [Facial]
    * Lysa Thatcher [BJOnly Facial]
    * Mai Lin
    * Nicole Black
    * Phaery I. Burd [LezOnly]
    * Tigr [BJOnly Facial]

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Lisa De Leeuw, Hershel Savage, Joey Silvera
    * Scene 2. Annette Haven, Heather Fields
    * Scene 3. Nicole Black, Jon Martin
    * Scene 4. Lysa Thatcher, Tigr, Jon Martin
    * Scene 5. Mai Lin, Paul Thomas
    * Scene 6. Heather Fields, Jade Wong, Phaery I. Burd
    * Scene 7. Laura Lazare, Paul Thomas
    * Scene 8. Annette Haven, John Leslie

    It was a time when Sultans filled their tents with gorgeous harem girls, when no fantasy was too outlandish for the oil-slicked slave girls and exotic belly dancers of ancient Arabia. Lush, lavish and lustful, 1001 Erotic Nights takes you back to an exotic era when sex was an art -- and fantasy a reality! You'll witness one sultry tale of desert lust after another, starting with a well-hung genie who grants 'three wishes' to three desert girls. Next, Tibetan temple virgins appease their masters in a mind-boggling group grope. These are but a few of the bawdy tales that come to life in 1001 Erotic Nights, one of the most elegant and erotic films ever made.

    Video = 819 mb, DivX 5, 704 x 528, dur. 1:27
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1001 Erotic Nights-FRONT.jpg   1001 Erotic Nights-BACK.jpg   1001 Erotic Nights.jpg  

  18. #1290
    Medlem siden
    Dec 2005

    1001 Erotic Nights 2 (1986)

    Director: Edwin Durrell


    Alexis Greco [BJOnly Facial]
    Tami White (as Ariel Daye) [LezOnly]
    Buffy Davis [BJOnly Facial]
    Bunny Bleu [Facial]
    Jennifer Noxt
    Karen Bree
    Kari Foxx [Facial]
    Keli Richards [Anal Facial DP]
    Kristara Barrington [BJOnly Facial]
    Nina Hartley [Facial]
    Patti Petite [BJOnly Facial]
    Rayanne Drew [LezOnly]
    Sandy Summers [Facial]

    Francois Papillon is the sultan, and he's got just about everything. He's got money, jewels and a really cool tent. Trouble is, for some odd reason, the ladies have been ignoring him. His right-hand-man Jamie Gillis suggests that the sultan should hold a contest to find for himself a consort who will take care of his day-today sex needs. The contest consists of each candidate coming before the sultan and telling him about her unique abilities. And then for the fun part — she must demonstrate them. A procession of lovely and oh-so talented young women cross the sultan's path, each of them demonstrating jaw-dropping abilities, but the winner of the contest uses her mind — Keli Richards triumphs by offering to tell the sultan 1001 stories before the night is out. A classic.

    Scene Breakdowns:

    Scene 1. Kristara Barrington, Bunny Bleu, Francois, Sandy Summers
    Scene 2. Jon Martin, Patti Petite
    Scene 3. Rayanne Drew, Ariel Daye
    Scene 4. Buffy Davis, Jamie Gillis
    Scene 5. Alexis Greco, Kristara Barrington, Bunny Bleu, David Chase, Francois, Nina Hartley, Joey Silvera, Keli Richards, Steve Drake
    Scene 6. Francois, Karen Bree, Jennifer Noxt
    Scene 7. Francois, Kari Foxx

    Video = 1433 mb, XviD, 720 x 544, dur. 1:17
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1001 Erotic Nights 2-FRONT.jpg   1001 Erotic Nights 2-BACK.jpg   1001 Erotic Nights II-Screens.jpg  

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