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    Mar 2009

    Talking MY FANTASY

    I walk into the room and see you standing in front of the mirror. I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around your torso, putting them on your stomach. I bend over and kiss your neck softly as I pull your hips back against mine. You raise your hands up over your head and I feel your fingers slide through my hair. “where is your husband,” I whisper into your ear. You smile and turn to look at me “He is in the garden.” Then i whisper again..."i missed you sexy" and you turn around... whispering... "missed you MR. BLACK". I slide my hands up under your shirt toward your tits. I grab one in each and hand and squeeze them tight. I massage them between my fingers and continue to kiss your neck. I pull one hand away and slide it behind your back, undoing the strap on your bra and letting it fall to the floor. With one hand, I continue to squeeze your tits. I pinch the nipple tightly in my fingers and feel it grow hard. My other hand slides back around to your stomach and down under your shirt.

    I feel the warmth between your legs and I slowly rub my fingers along your smooth skin. You’re breathing slows and I pull my hand back up out of your skirt. I grab the bottom of your shirt and pull it up and over your head; you’re tits now hanging free. I go back to massaging them for a while, pinching your nipples and squeezing your tits tightly. I start to bite on your neck and suck on your skin, sliding my tongue across it. You push your hips back into me, your ass pressing against my cock through my jeans. I turn you around and drop to my knees. I slide my hands up your thighs and slowly pull off your thong. I spread your legs apart and start to lick your pussy. I flick my tongue all across your clit and slide three fingers into your pussy in one fast motion. I hold them inside deep, rubbing the tips of my fingers across your g-spot. I pull them out and then start pounding them into your pussy nice and fast.

    I hear you moan as you behind to move your hips in motion with my fingers. With my free hand, I undo the button on my jeans and slide out of my pants and boxers. You don’t seem to notice, you’re eyes are closed as I slam my fingers inside you. In one swift movement, I pull my hands away and place them on your hips. I stand up, spread your legs, and slam my cock all the way inside you. I smile as you scream my name. I hold you there for a moment before I pull out and thrust in again. I waste no time picking up speed and pretty soon I’m fucking your tight pussy hard. I put my hands under your thighs and lift your feet off the ground, your legs wrapping around me. I feel you pull me into you and I pick up speed. Your hands slide across my back as you pull me closer to you. I kiss you hard, my tongue sliding deep into your mouth. I slap the side of your ass hard as I fuck your tight pussy.

    I feel your muscles tighten for a moment before your hot cum spills out onto my cock. I let go of your legs and as soon as your feet hit the floor, I pull out, turn you around, and slam my cock into your tight asshole. I spread your legs wide and then put my hands on your hips. I pound you hard and fast. As I fuck you, you arch your back, pushing your ass even closer to me. I reach around your leg and start to rub your clit as I keep pushing into you. I hear you scream as your ass stretches to fit my cock inside. My other hand slides up to your tits and I squeeze them hard in my fingers. I fuck your tight hole as hard as I can. I feel my hips slam against your ass. I slide my fingers inside your wet pussy and rub you fast. I hear you screaming my name as you cum again. I can’t hold back anymore and I pull out and cum all over your ass. I drop to my knees and lick my cum off your ass. I reach up and put one hand on your lower back, arching it down so I can lick your pussy clean too. When I’ve licked up every drop, I stand up, turn you around, and kiss you deeply. I feel you swallow our juices off my tongue and I pull you tight against me.

    I grab your ass and take you over to the bed. I lay you down on your back and I lay on top of you. I kiss your lips and keep sliding my tongue around yours. I put my knees on either side of your hips, sliding my cock along the outside of your pussy. I push against you just enough to spread you open, but don’t enter. I sit up and put my hands on your tits. I begin to massage them through my fingers and squeeze them tight. I pause a moment to decide my next move, but then I move forward and place my cock between your big tits. I press them tight over my cock and start to fuck them hard. I feel you place your hands on mine, and I pick up speed.

    The head of my cock slides deep into your mouth with every thrust. I keep fucking your tits like mad when I feel your legs spread apart. Another guy has entered the room and lifted each of your legs up onto his shoulders. His cock is huge, nearly ten inches long, and he doesn’t think twice about being rough. He slams the entire thing in hard, stretching your pussy wide open again. He fucks your pussy hard and fast. You’re so wet by now that it makes it easier for him to be rough. He reaches down and slaps your ass nice and hard. You cry out when he does, and he slaps you again. I squeeze your tits nice and tight as I fuck them even harder. I hear you cry out with every hit. You slowly start to slide back along the bed as we fuck your bod. Eventually, your head hangs down off the side of the bed, and another guy walks into the room. He drops his pants and lets his ten inch cock fall against your face.

    He pushes the tip into your mouth and bends over to place his hands on either side of your head. He waits a moment, just holding you like that, before he shoves the entire thing deep into your throat. His balls slap against your face and hang down. They’re so big, they hang over your nose and partly cover your eyes. He holds his cock all the way in your throat for a moment and then starts to work his hips. With each motion he pulls his cock all the way out and then slams back in again. You gag slightly against his cock, but he doesn’t care. He keeps fucking your throat as two more guys come into the room.

    Each one kneels down on the bed on either side of you. You reach up for their cocks and start to stroke them fast. They’re so thick, you can barely hold them in your hands, but you still try to work them between your fingers. You stroke them fast, sliding your thumbs around the tips of their cocks, making them quiver. The guy fucking your throat cums first. He shoots his entire load deep in your throat, filling your mouth. He pulls out and lets you swallow. You stick out your tongue and lick his cock clean before he turns and walks out of the room. One of the guys who you were jacking off takes his place. His cock is thicker than the first guys, and he has to stretch your mouth open wide as he fucks you hard. His balls slap against your face. The guy in your pussy stops slapping your ass. He wraps his arms around your legs and picks up speed until he cums deep inside of you.

    all this a fantasy..planned and played for you and your husband... cause he was hiding in the closet watching us.....

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    Mar 2009
    leave your comments....


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