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Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook
Barbara B. Hodgson, RN, OCN; Robert J. Kizior, BS, RPh

2008 Softcover Edition + bonus CD-ROM
7.4" x 4.4", 1,530 pages
ISBN 1416040633
July 2007 for 2008
List Price: $39.95
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Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook is a reliable and easy-to-use source
of current drug information needed by the busy health care provider.

What separates this book from others is that it includes comprehensive
coverage of IV drug administration and it promotes efficient clinical
use because itÆs organized according to the way nurses practice.

Organized alphabetically by generic drug name, this book provides essential
information for thousands of medications in a user-friendly format.

A bound-in mini CD-ROM includes searchable and printable drug cards for 400 drugs.
A companion website provides updates on drugs recently approved by the FDA,
alerts, helpful weblinks, and more.. Special features of this book include:

Provides a comprehensive foldout IV compatibility chart with compatibility information
for 65 intravenous drugs.Presents over 1,000 generic name drugs (encompassing over 4,000
trade name drugs) organized alphabetically with A to Z tabs to provide quick and easy access.

Distinguishes side effects and adverse reactions and lists the effect or reaction
by frequency of occurrence, which allows the nurse to easily identify which are
most likely to occur. Incorporates frequently used herb monographs in the A to Z portion
of the book, plus additional herb information in the appendix. Herbal information is also
cross-referenced to the appendix, as applicable. Covers herbal interactions within drug entries.

Includes a classifications section with an overview of actions and uses for drug families.
Identifies the top 400 prescribed trade name drugs within the monograph to help the user
identify the most frequently administered drugs.

Includes extensively expanded IV content with a heading for IV compatibilities,
and expanded rates of infusion, reconstitutions, drip rates, test doses, flushing,
and incompatibilities.

Special, second-color icon for ôHigh-Alert Drugsö to caution nurses to use extra care in
administering drugs most likely to cause harm. Organizes nursing considerations in a functional
nursing process framework and includes headings for Baseline Assessment, Intervention/Evaluation,
and Patient/Family Teaching. Includes lifespan and disorder-related dosage variations, such as
pediatric, geriatric, hepatic, and immune- or renal-compromised patients. Includes fixed combinations
in dosages of each combined drug.

Provides a new drug supplement with abbreviated information on the latest FDA-approved drugs
released in the spring of 2006. Includes a complimentary mini CD-ROM with customizable and printable
monographs of the 400 most commonly used drugs as well as an interactive drug calculator. Offers free
access to a companion Evolve website, which includes quarterly drug updates plus other valuable
drug-related information. Therapeutic and toxic blood level information is incorporated into the
Interactions section and under Nursing Considerations. Quick-reference charts of IV infusion rates
for critical care medications. Includes a Drugs by Disorder feature that lists the most commonly
used drugs for specific disorders. Includes a color atlas of pills with color photos of 200 pills
to allow the nurse to identify and visually distinguish different pills.

Cross references top 400 U.S. brand name drugs directly in the main section of the book.
Lists all newly approved drugs on the inside front cover of the book. The PDA version is powered by
Skyscape, the software offers complete, comprehensive cross-linking between all Skyscape products,
a full text search function, intuitive navigation, built-in display adjustment tools, and is
compatible with the Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC as well as numerous other operating systems.
The Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook (SNDH) PDA Software contains the full contents of the SNDH,
available as a CD-ROM with several bonus components. The PDA version of the SNDH allows nurses
to access the contents of the print version of the SNDH in clinical settings.

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