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    Defected1980 Guest

    Fake profiles...

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you don´t mind me writing this in English, it has come to my attention that there is ALOT of fake profiles on here, i have been messaged and contacted by many people that really aren´t who they say they are. I had one case of a "woman" that sent me pictures to my email address and found out later they were someone else's. Also a profile where the main profile picture was totally different to the pictures in the Public picture folder on the profile..

    I really think we need to get rid of these people as they ruin the experience for all of us, if you suspect a fake profile then report that profile, this is a great website and i enjoy interacting with everyone on here but these few IDIOTS just make the experience CREEPY and Weird..

    I hope there are some other people that has experienced this and agrees with me
    Kind Regards

  2. Takk L_&_D, I/T takket for denne posten
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    Sep 2005
    If you come across fake pictures, you can report them in to us.

    Or just send one of us a pm, with the link to the user's profile.


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Fake profiles...