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Det er store utgifter involvert i å drive denne siden, spesielt med tanke på serverleie og drift. Vi setter pris på at du besøker våre sponsorer nå og da. Mvh Nakenprat

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Yar! Hvorfor "web-pirater" ikke kan røres...
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Gammel 09-05-07, 22:10
Lilith sin avatar
Medlem siden: Jul 2005
Sted: My Crypt
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Lilith will become famous soon enoughLilith will become famous soon enough
Standard Yar! Hvorfor "web-pirater" ikke kan røres...

Tatt fra nettet:
<klipp>Pirates don't just plunder. In Sweden, it seems, they also believe in sharing.

As the world's largest repository of ********** files, ThePirateBay***** helps millions of users around the world share copyrighted movies, music and other files--without paying for them.

That's illegal, of course--at least it is in the U.S. But when Time Warner's (nyse: TWX - news - people ) Warner Bros. studio accused them of breaking U.S. copyright law in 2005, the pirates gleefully reminded the movie company that they didn't live in America, but rather in "the land of vikings, reindeer, Aurora Borealis and cute blond girls."

Based in Stockholm, The Pirate Bay serves as a massive worldwide hub for copyright infringement but is shielded by its home country's lax copyright laws. The site lives in a comfortable legal loophole, one of many available to Web sites that offer users copyrighted content. Some exploit vagaries in U.S. law, while others depend on their international immunity.

<klipp>Not every scheme to evade intellectual property laws is so subtle. The music-selling site uses a simpler business model: Base your company in Russia, steal music from American labels and sell it cheaply. AllofMP3 allows users to download full albums for as little as $1 each--10% of what they would cost on iTunes. From June to October 2006 alone, the Recording Industry Association of America says that 11 million songs were downloaded from the site. AllofMP3 claims those sales adhered strictly to Russian law, but that doesn’t satisfy the RIAA; the record labels have launched a lawsuit, asking for $150,000 for each stolen file, totaling $1.65 trillion.

As Russia seeks to join the World Trade Organization, it may be forced to step in line with international copyright licensing and stamp out sites like AllofMP3. But there's still hope for international pirates: Despite Sweden's membership in the WTO since 1995, The Pirate Bay's copyright sabotage campaign is alive and well. Though Swedish police raided the site's headquarters and confiscated its servers in May of last year, the site was soon back online, running on donated hardware. Since then, Pirate Bay administrator Peter Sunde says, the site has started distributing its servers and bandwidth to other locations to avoid the possibility of another raid. Sunde claims even he doesn't know exactly where the servers are stashed.

Still, Sunde and his partners in piracy are waiting for the Swedish government to press charges. If they are prosecuted, Sunde suspects it will most likely be in the next month, before the servers confiscated from their headquarters last year become inadmissible as evidence. But he isn’t worried. "If the Swedish government presses charges, they’ll lose. If they don’t, the U.S. government will be mad at them," Sunde says. "They’re in quite a pickle."

So, he might have added, are the world’s copyright holders.

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Gammel 12-05-07, 17:31
Pornostjerne. Look at me!
Medlem siden: Apr 2007
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Svenny is on a distinguished road

Jeg tenker på MC Hammer når jeg leser denne...

-Cant touch this! nananana
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