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    Jul 2010

    Wink Noen some kunne like denne karen?

    I see life through emotions, passion, intuition and lust. For me it's not important to follow main stream and fit in for any price. I do not look for status or fame. I like a sensual beautiful and interesting life.
    I love to work with creativity, in fact at times I am creativity. I see opportunity where many see boundaries. I am open to almost everything, lets make an interesting life together.
    Routine and negativity is something I try to avoid as much as possible. I have accumulated a strong mental discipline through Raja yoga, free meditation and other studies.
    All my life I have passionately openly been promoting woman rights and ideas, lately also men's rights because men are also very much bound/stigmatized today.
    Hope you love good vegan/vegetarian food, I usually make dinner from scratch every day.
    I dislike mind control like much of religion, TV and politics. People need to think for them self and make up there own mind.
    I have a lot of the Aquarius energy in me, I define my own reality based on my passions and understandings.
    Also I am an empath, I can read peoples feelings, moods etc, I read persons "vibrations" often clearly.
    I have an androgynous mind, the wisdom from both parents. I don't define myself based on what sex I have, I am so much more than that. I give people space and courage to be what they truly desire to be. If you get to know me, you will be surprised at the level of understanding and freedom you will meet. I prefer a beautiful mind/soul too anything else.
    Sexuality for me is something I like to share, not take. I like to experience your feelings and do my best, give you a fantastic time. It has to be a connection all the way. I like to play and experiment, I am especially fond of lingerie. Security is an important key factor. I seek someone who is active, not only passive. Like me you must dream of a sensual, erotic and exciting relationship. When we meet in a sensual erotic way, we create room for passion and everything good is possible. We join mentally, spiritually, feelingly.
    Hoping to find a fantastic woman for a lifelong passionate relationship.
    I am not bound to live somewhere special and feel more like a world citizen, perhaps you would like to travel/backpack with me or show me your home world?
    To my future soul mate and lover. My love for you will be based on you openness, uniqueness and how you treat me. I you make my life good to live, you will get my heart for the rest of my life. I am willing to share my hole life with you. I am borne to care about you, and I will do all I can to make your heart sing :-)
    I am only interested in an honest, serious and relaxed woman with a good heart.
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    Jul 2010

    Tar gjerne imot konstruktiv kritikk

    Ellers er det bare å spørre om det skulle være noe.


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Noen some kunne like denne karen?